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What Is Top Performance Coaching?

        Top Performance Coaching is specially designed program for improving results in sport. We help athletes and teams to reach their full potential. Programs are separately designed for athletes. We are working with proven and effective methods which you can practically use to get to your goal faster and easier. With top performance coaching program you will choose and maintain a positive attitude, overcome fears and challenges, maintain a high level of self-motivation, set high and realistic goals, deal effectively with people, use positive self-talk, use positive mental imagery, manage anxiety effectively, manage emotion effectively, and maintain concentration. We believe that these skills are learned and can be improved through instruction and practice.

        Athletes who use top performance training report rapid improvements, not only in performance but in general mental attitude and the ability to respond easier to changing situations. Our role is to help athletes develop mental strength skills for top performance. We work with driven and committed individuals who are under additional perceived pressures to perform in their sport. Our goals are to teach athletes how to be more confident, focus better, stay composed under pressure, practice more efficiently, and develop more effective pre-game routines. We are an extension of the athlete’s support team.

Who Is Ana?

        “My mission is to make champions. I strongly believe that all coaches and athletes who are part of sports have a champion inside of them who just needs to be discovered. I see opportunities. I believe in unlimited potential. And I’m here to show you the way to the top.” – Ana Privrat

         Ana Privrat is top performance coach, psychologist, and an athlete, originally from Serbia, Europe. She was leading college volleyball player at New Orleans, from where she earned her bachelor degree in psychology. In her college career she was three times defender of the year, two time all regional first team player, and MVP GCAC player of the year 2016.  Today, she is part of Inge Rock Coaching and Leadership Academy where she specializing her knowledge in personal  development.

        “I enjoy sports since I was a little girl. I started playing volleyball at the age of 11 in a small team in Belgrade, Serbia. As I was growing older, better ,stronger, with help of great coached by my side, my skills became great. I got the opportunity to pursuit my career in United States, to play volleyball and study; my life completely changed. Trainings got harder, pressure got higher, and competition more serious than I was used to.  From average athlete like me it was expected to train, and act like a professional. That is when my mental break down happend.

My coach Naomi Washington, former Olympian, was always telling me: “Everything is mental!” I decided to study psychology, and apply my knowledge into practice. I was one step away from loosing my scholarship, but then I set my goal to be the best player they have ever had. From that moment, everything changed. Way to the top was not easy, but I can tell for sure that it was worth it.

The journey I went through is combination of developing mental as well as physical skills, overcoming challenges, and most important, keeping my eyes on the main goal. I would lie if I say I was not scared, but I kept reminding myself that the only opportunity we have to be brave, is when we are scared.

Today, I help athletes and teams to get where they want to be through proven mental strategies. If it was possible for me, I know it is possible for you as well. I know we can make your dreams come to reality; lets get there faster, and easier, by doing it together!” – Ana Privrat

Our Mission?

        Our mission is to improve sport in general, to eliminate negative beliefs, fears, and doubts for everyone who are experience the same. We want to make sport place of achievements, progress, and happiness throughout understanding of mental game and understanding each other in sport. Sport contains components same as life. If you succeed in sport, you will carry in yourself the best principles of life whatever you do. Sport can be described as hard work, self-confidence, positive attitude, respect, and fair-play.

There is an old zen saying: “The way person does one thing is how they do everything.” Therefore, our mission is to get athletes think and act like champions, fighters, winners, and most importantly as people with big hearts.

“It’s the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you.”

– Million Dollar Baby